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In order to attend the Nottingham Junior Development Centre or the subsequent Junior Academy Centre (JAC), you must register on the England Hockey Board Online Player System, the online location for tracking player performance and assessment information along the Single System Player Pathway.

Please see below some useful information to assist in your registration for your JDC/JAC using the online system. Please read through this information before starting your registration on the online system.


Step 1: New Registration Or Returning from JRPC?

If you are new to the Online Player System, you are required to register. If you are returning to JDC or JAC, you will already be registered on the system, and therefore are NOT required to re-register. You are required, however, to log in using your existing password.

Those required to register, please go to Step 2.

Those required to Log In, please go to Step 12.


Step 2: Accessing the System and Entering Personal Details

To register for the first time, you must now visit

The first time you access the EHB system you need to register by clicking on the Register button on the home page. Please complete all details on the form – mandatory details are marked (with a *) and must be completed. If any of these details are left blank, or you cannot enter the relevant information for any reason, you will not be able to register for the EHB system.


Step 3: Selecting a Username

All players will be required to submit a username and email address in order to receive login details for the EHB system, and to receive emails about events and assessments. Please note that parents/guardians also need to add their own email address in the consent part of the form.


Step 4: Selecting Centre Level and Age Group

The centre that you have been selected for is:

  • Centre Level: JDC or JAC
  • Age Group: Enter Age Group
  • Centre Name: Enter Centre Name

Select JDC/JAC in the first box and then the letter that the name of the centre starts with, e.g. for Nottingham JDC, select the letter ‘N’. This will then allow ‘Nottingham JDC’ to be selected in the next box.


Step 5: Selecting a Centre, Club and School

Please select your club and school from the lists provided. If your club or school is not listed, select Other and then enter the name into the next box.

N.B.  Many of the academies are still listed under the previous school name.


Step 6: Selecting a Player Position

You must now select your preferred position. The following positions are available:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Outfield - Defence
  • Outfield - Midfield
  • Outfield - Attack


Step 7: Adding a Player Photo

To add a photo, click on the Browse button and locate a suitable image. A recent photo showing head and shoulders only, rather than a full length image should be uploaded.

Players are encouraged to crop their image or reduce the file size if possible to ease uploading. When an image has been selected, click the Upload button.


Step 8: Ethnicity and Disability

Players need to enter their ethnicity and disability, or if they wish players can select 'Prefer not to say'. While it is not compulsory to provide this information, the following paragraph explains why it is considered to be important.

Sport can and does play a major role in promoting the inclusion of all groups in society. However, inequalities have existed within sport particularly in relation to gender, race and disability. Sport England and England Hockey are committed to promoting and developing sports equity, which is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. By monitoring the profile of people in sports clubs, national governing bodies of sport and Sport England can identify any issues relating to under representation of different groups and can develop strategies to ensure that all people have the opportunity in the future to develop and progress in sport. England Hockey requests this data as part of The Single System programme and completing this data accurately enables England Hockey to gain an accurate picture of our membership.


Step 9: Medical Information

You must enter any information about illnesses or allergies that may affect your ability to play or any treatment you may receive.  In particular, you have to provide any information about drugs they are allergic to and details of any medication they take regularly.

Consent is required from parents/guardians to confirm their son/daughter is physically fit and capable of full participation in England Hockey Board events, and that they give permission for appropriate emergency medical treatment to be given if necessary.


Step 10: Parent/Guardian Details

Full details of your Parent or Guardian is required, including name, up to two email and two telephone contact numbers (a landline and mobile must be given).


Step 11: Transportation, Photography, Personal Details Consent

Consent is required from your parents/guardians to confirm that you can travel in transport provided by England Hockey Board (which may include travelling in other players private cars). In addition, your parents/guardians need to agree to the information about you being stored on the EHB system and that this information may be transferred to County or Regional Hockey Associations (those that are involved in the Single System [JDCs, JACs and JRPCs]). Your parent/guardian can check the box for the photography policy (as stated on the form).


Step 12: Registration Process / Reviewing your Registration

When all of your details are complete, or when you log back in to view your registration, confirm you have to click on the Register or Save button at the bottom of the page.

For player’s registering for the first time, confirmation emails will then be sent to you (the player), your parent/guardian and the Regional Administrator user. You registration will then be confirmed by the JAC administrator/manager. Following this your login details, including username/email and the system-generated password, will then be emailed to you allowing you to log into the EHB system.


Step 13: Printed Consent Form

You should print out a copy of your registration details (using the Print Page button at the bottom of their personal page), get your parent/guardian to sign it and then return it along with any financial contribution to your JAC contact. The printed form contains a section for the player’s parent/guardian to sign, confirming the consent that they have given on the player’s online registration form.


Need help?

If you do experience any problems with your registration please use the Need help? function at the bottom of the page or contact your JAC Administrator.

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